Ministry supervision

Image of a bible representing ministry supervision counselling servicesThose engaged in full-time Christian ministry, particularly those who are ministers in a local church, are engaged in one of the most important tasks in the world.

But Christian ministry is not for the faint-hearted. It is a demanding vocation. There are particular challenges facing the full-time Christian worker. And that’s where ministry supervision is helpful.

Ministry supervision provides, among other things, a sounding board. It can be a place to discover new ideas. Or to make specific goals and plans and be supported in that work. Or develop good habits regarding reflective practice. Or find someone who will cheer you on when things are tough. Or who will gently suggest redirection when you need it. Or who will provide encouragement to keep going.

Ultimately, far more important than the work that we do for the Lord is the work that he is doing in us. Ministry supervision provides a place and space to attend to that bigger work and to co-operate with it.