Marriage preparation

Image of a wedding ring in a bible representing marriage preparation counselling servicesMarriage is a challenging relationship. And, yet, despite the very real challenges we all face in marriage, when it’s going well marriage is probably the closest thing to heaven on earth! Furthermore, a lot of people get married, or want to be married. There’s clearly something in it!

Marriage preparation is a wonderfully sensible thing to do.

To help couples prepare for their marriage I draw upon PREPARE – an online questionnaire and preparation tool designed by – Life innovations (

The PREPARE instrument is not a screening process to determine whether a couple should or should not marry. A couple need to make that decision independently of PREPARE. Rather, PREPARE provides a couple with specific information that will help them identify strengths, and develop new ones, as well as reveal areas that would benefit from work and attention. PREPARE provides a map that helps the couple improve their relationship and satisfaction levels.

PREPARE has been extensively used by many counsellors across the years and has been adapted to Australian conditions and culture (

The PREPARE process involves completing an online survey followed by a session to go through results and, usually, a session or two (or more if desired) to develop new skills and understandings in the light of the survey results.