Funeral celebrant

Image of flowers representing the funeral celebrant services of Grace Counselling CanberraOne of the most challenging experiences we go through in life is the death of someone we love and care about. And the associated funeral.

A funeral, I believe, is meant to be a time to remember and give thanks. It is meant to be a special and meaningful time. As well as a means to help facilitate the grieving process.

We all want a fitting funeral, or memorial service, for our loved one. But organising these things is often a daunting experience when we are also dealing with our own particular grief.

I have found that people have specific hopes regarding a funeral service. They want it to be simple, but dignified. They want a level of genuine warmth, empathy and understanding from the celebrant. They don’t want the service to be morbid. They often want it to be a real time of thanksgiving. On a different note, if the relationship with the deceased has been challenging or difficult in some way people still want the time to be respectful - no matter how disappointing things may have been between particular individuals.

I provide guidance and support as we seek to meet your needs and wishes regarding a quality, personalised, funeral or memorial service.

And it doesn’t matter how religious, or not, you are. Sometimes people who don’t have an active church connection, or who aren’t really religious at all, still wish to have – for all sorts of reasons – a minister of religion to conduct the funeral. I am happy to work with you where you are at with these things. My aim is not to “convert” you. It’s to conduct a service like I’m describing in this section.

People, invariably, comment after funeral services that I conduct that it was a truly wonderful service. Many, to their surprise, say they actually enjoyed the service. Odd sounding I know, but true!

Let me share with you an unsolicted testimonial from a family with which I have worked:

"Dear Brett,
Thank you so much for taking the funeral service yesterday for our mother. I know it must be difficult when you did not konw the person, but your warmth and empathy were so comforting. And so many peole came to us afterwards to tell us how touched they were by it and what a beautiful ceremony it was. It couldn't have been that without you, and we are very grateful.
Yours sincerely,
M. & T. D., and I. G."

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