Image of a computer keyboard with a red help keyHere is some of the feedback that we have received from clients.


I had counselling with Brett after the death of my husband.  His death was unexpected, and when it happened I sometimes didn't want to, or think I even could, carry on.  I was in a bad way.  I found my sessions with Brett very helpful.  He is understanding, down-to-earth and easy to talk to, and I would come out of a session feeling happier and more full of hope.  I specifically wanted Christian counselling as I really wanted prayer as well as counselling, and this is what Brett did.  (CF)

Dear Brett

Thank you so much for taking the funeral service yesterday for our mother. I know it must be difficult when you did not know the person, but your warmth and empathy were so comforting. And so many people came to us afterwards to tell us how touched they were by it and what a beautiful ceremony it was. It couldn't have been that without you, and we are very grateful.

Yours sincerely

M. & T.D., and I.G.

I went to see Brett for counselling after a family crisis. Through his dealings with my family I came to see Brett as trustworthy. There were many things in my life that I was unhappy with and  Brett helped me to work through these. He was always kind and was always went beyond the counselling session in answering emails or follow up calls when necessary. Brett listens well and allows you to do the talking. He does not try and tell you what to do but gently guides appropriate action from you. He has an uncanny knack of being able to discern and sum up situations. I had never been to counselling before because I believed counselling was for people who needed help, weak people who couldn't cope, not people like me. Brett has helped me to see that counselling is a wise move. I am a  much stronger and wiser person for having worked through these issues with Brett.  SS

When Brett became my spiritual director, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this relationship.  Prior to our meetings he spent time in prayer and found a wonderful passage from the Bible to share with me. This always made me feel special, that he cared enough about me to prepare so thoroughly, and that God was guiding our conversations.

In a loving and trustworthy manner Brett was able to draw information from me. I in turn responded feeling comfortable to release my innermost secrets knowing he would not judge or condemn my actions, instead, he would add clarity to the situations and provide a greater understanding.  I was able to raise anything from points of praise, matters of sadness, issues from the past or situations currently faced and, without exception, I received a wise and honest response which greatly assisted in addressing the topic.

Brett is a careful listener and is incredibly perceptive to things said and also picks up on body language. At the close of our sessions Brett showed an amazing ability to summarize our conversations and capture all aspects covered.

Brett has been a major player in bringing peace to my life so I could move forward and develop a closer relationship with God. My life and spiritual journey has changed so much for the better as I walk closer with God and have greater involvement within the community.

I praise God for Brett and for the difference he has made to my life in the position as spiritual director and know he has a great ministry in this area and many people will benefit from this calling. VF

My boss suggested that we should all have professional mentors and spiritual mentors. As a result I asked Brett for spiritual direction. We have been meeting monthly for some time now. Brett always shares a passage of scripture and then prays. What we talk about is up to me. It is amazing how many times the scripture he reads fits into our conversation. I really feel the presence of God in our conversations. I enjoy being free to talk about God and His leading and guiding with Brett. He is good at reflecting back to me and in summing up and pulling together the threads of our conversation. I come away from our hour long sessions feeling encouraged and consider these times as important to developing my spiritual health.  BS